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body solutions

April 16, 2010
I’m Matthew; my collaborator is Saul.
We have been taking universal precautions to maintain fields of sterility on multiple planes.  We know there is a fail point in all physical material.  This puts us in a dangerous position and we have seen that things will tear, that passages can disintegrate.  So we need a ladder, of sorts.
We have been developing a Twilight Medicine, where Sun and Moon Medicine compliment one another.
Cylinder seal and modern impression: exorcism scene
Black serpentine / Mesopotamia /Neo-Assyrian period / 9th-8th century B.C. / Lent by Tono Eitel / L.1994.88 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
A person lying in bed, a bearded man with an instrument, a female near the head of the bed with a flaming bowl:  ritual curing of a sick person.
From stone age to post-industrial healing.  All that.  Equally advanced, but different technologies.  Moon and sun (best to know them both).  We don’t believe in magic and spooks (okay, actually, we kind of do — at least aesthetically… at least I do, I will have to check before saying we do).  But we aren’t so concerned about what is true; we believe in things that work, in body solutions.  One solution looks something like this:
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