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Bert Woolard

Bert Woolard is collaborating with Caroline Woolard.

Dr. Robert Woolard is  a tenured Professor of Emergency Medicine at Texas
Tech University Health Sciences Paul Foster School of Medicine in El Paso.
He has served as an an ER doc for over 25 years and knows well the lack of
acesss that many Americans have suffered under. He has supported universal
health care and now health care reform. He has been active in public health
and prevention initiatives. As an investigator he studies counseling
interventions for injury and disease prevention among the emergency
patients.  Dr. Woolard’s numerous scientific presentations, lectures, and
articles reflect his on-going interest and expertise in injury, alcohol,
substance abuse and prevention. Dr. Woolard established with Dr. Scott Berns
and Mike Mello an Injury Prevention Center (IPC) in Rhode Island which now
employs 14 PhDs, Counselors or Research Assistants on funded research
projects. Dr. Woolard has recently started a routine screening program for
HIV in the ER and will begin conducting a randomized controlled trial of a
brief counseling intervention for border youth at risk for binge drinking in
El Paso.

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