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Steve Gurysh

Steve Gurysh is collaborating with Nancy Crooks.

Steve Gurysh is an artist who lives and works in Charlottesville, VA.
Through his investigations in sculpture, drawing, and performance his
work explores and re-imagines failed ecological utopias as sites for
understanding and modeling the poetics and politics of sustainability.
Currently, he is modifying a snowmobile to run off of glacial melt
and studying particular species of lichen along the Blue Ridge
Mountains.  In the fall, he will begin his MFA at Carnegie-Mellon

Steve Gurysh, Materia, Cabinet Magazine


Beeswax, cast iron, cuben fiber, embroidery thread dyed with Umbilicaria lichen*, geological map of Zion National Park, UT; IV stand, pine recycled from a geodesic dome built in Grifton, NC; propane tank, recycled wheel-barrow hardware, and ripstop nylon.

*This homemade dye was processed with Umbilicaria Mammulata species lichen collected in the Blue Ridge Mountains and fermented in human urine for 14 weeks.

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